Experience a different level of travel


Welcome to our experiential luxury tour company, Latitude 33.

Latitude 33 is part of the Leisurecom Group of travel companies and sister company to Ecruising, Australia’s leading online cruise travel agency founded in 2000.

By 2005, Ecruising had a portfolio of luxury cruise and land tours to some of the most remote destinations and major sporting events around the world. These exclusive itineraries outgrew the ecruising.travel brand, and a new luxury brand Latitude 33 was born, dedicated to providing immersive experiences and effortless travel.

The name Latitude 33 is inspired by three cities - Sydney, Cape Town and Santiago, all of which share the latitude 33 degrees south.

Latitude 33 is dedicated to providing travel experiences reminiscent of a time when all holiday travel was a luxury – an era when speed and price weren’t the key features, but rather time and elegance. Today, travel and holidays are part of the contemporary lifestyle. Latitude 33 aims to re-create the golden era of travel, with all the modern comforts for the discerning traveller.

Our travel experts have extensive knowledge and experience of all corners of the globe which help in formulating our unique itineraries and experiences. Our aim is to provide our guests with the ultimate in luxury travel.