Experience a different level of travel


Welcome to our new Experiential Luxury Tour company, Latitude 33.

Latitude 33 is the vision of Brett Dudley, founder and chairman of the ecruising group of companies - a highly successful cruise travel company that began operating in 2000 to pioneer online cruise holiday packages.

By 2005, ecruising had created a portfolio of luxury cruise and land tours incorporating worldwide travel. These exclusive itineraries outgrew the ecruising.travel brand so we decided to create a separate company that is dedicated to providing immersive experiences, luxury and effortless travel.

The name Latitude 33 is inspired by Brett’s favourite cities, Sydney, Cape Town and Santiago, all of which share the latitude 33 degrees South. The latitude 33 stretches across many diverse cultures in many different time zones.

Known in numerology as the Master Teacher, 33 is the most influential of all numbers, indicating selfless devotion to the spiritual progress of humankind. The other two master numbers, 11 (vision) and 22 (vision with action) form the base of a two-dimensional pyramid, and added together equal 33 (guidance to the world), the apex of the pyramid.

Latitude 33 is focused on providing travel experiences reminiscent of a time when all holiday travel was a luxury - an era when speed and price weren’t the key features, but rather time and elegance. Today, travel and holidays are part of the contemporary lifestyle. Latitude 33 aims to re-create the golden era of travel, with all the modern comforts expected by the discerning traveller.

Our Team

Brett Dudley - Founder & Chairman
Founder & Chairman
I have been privileged to host many of our tours and have had some incredible experiences accompanied by wonderful people over the years, something that will stay with me forever. This has motivated me to take luxury travel to the next level. I am very excited about Latitude 33 and where it will take our tours. We now have a dedicated and growing team of highly experienced and motivated people to deliver an unforgettable holiday experience. Join us!
Angela Chung - Assistant Manager
Assistant Manager
“Once you have travelled, the voyage never ends”. My voyage began when I arrived in Japan for an exchange year, many years ago. The year was full of surprises and every experience no matter how big or small was fascinating to me. I knew then that my career would be in the travel industry. With a background in marketing as well as leisure and corporate travel, my work ranged from airline ticketing to product marketing and group travel management. I look forward to making your dream experiential luxury tour a reality.
Charlotte Mottram - Travel Executive
Travel Executive
Travel has always fascinated me and after teaching children the destinations of world for ten years, wondering about the cultures and people of this amazing planet - I knew it was the career change I had to make. The subsequent ten years in travel have been focused on creating the itineraries that make the most of a destination and allow clients to really experience the country. I am delighted to have joined Latitude 33 and to be working with like-minded people providing superior customer service, and unique cruise tours, to our valued customers. Let me make your holiday an unforgettable journey of adventure and discovery.